The Hard ‘n’ Heavy rockers of MASS have fought their way back into the spotlight. Led by the indestructible bassist and sole remaining founding member, Günther V. Radny, they have ushered in a new era.

Their comeback in 2017 marked the beginning of a new chapter for the band. Health reasons prevented the return of the classic lineup, so Günther V. Radny introduced a new lineup consisting of Matthias “Wauxl” Pfaller on vocals, Hannes Heid on guitar, and Andi Gmeinwieser on drums. With Clemens Matejka on keyboards, he also fulfilled the long-standing desire to further develop the band’s sound. In 2023, Andy Kneitinger on rhythm guitar completed the band, and together they continue the long history of MASS.

With a worldwide record deal with Pride&Joy Music signed at the end of 2018, the band agreed to release their long-awaited and equally acclaimed album “Still Chained.” Since then, MASS has conquered the stages of the biggest festivals, including the Pyraser Classic Rock Night, Storm Crusher Festival, or the Hard Summer Festival. They shared the stage with giants such as Saxon, Michael Schenker, and Uli Jon Roth, making their comeback an unforgettable experience.

The story of MASS is a journey full of highs and lows. Founded in 1973, during their heyday, the band played up to 180 concerts annually throughout Europe. With over 200,000 albums sold and placements in the top charts of the 80s, MASS was considered one of the leading German metal bands, just behind giants like the Scorpions, ACCEPT, and Warlock. Despite their success, the burdensome rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle of each band member ultimately led to their separation in 1987.

Their return has not only thrilled fans but also demonstrated that their music and legacy are timeless.

50 years after its founding, one thing remains unchanged, and their first commandment and ultimate maxim still hold true as on the first day:

MASS only plays for the audience – Hard Rock total!“

Pressvoices on our latest record“STILL CHAINED”