My Global Mind (US)

“hard rocking, kick ass classic tracks dispatched with passion and new enthusiasm” (7/10)

“…The album gallops off to a thunderous start with “Back To The Music” which features a ripping guitar solo that solidifies the announcement that they are definitely back! Swiftly followed by a muscular drum beat and some fierce shredding in “Straight To Hell”, the album continues at a fast pace into “Break Out” and “Kick Your Ass” which are delivered with immense energy and vigour. A throbbing bassline ensues for “Chained” with a simple chorus and some impressive guitar work from Heid. “Dark Night” is given an AOR makeover with a catchy sing-along chorus, while “Cry It Out” and “War Law” take the band into Saxon territory with Pfaller resembling a growling Biff Byford….”

Caroline Blood