Battle Helm (GB)

“Oh. My. God. Mass are back!” (****)

“…“Still Chained” is 15 tracks made up of Mass’s best numbers re-recorded by this new line up along with 2 brand new songs. Thanks to the musicians, it works brilliantly and the new organ adds its presence magnificently, bringing back that late 70s hard rock sound as it pumps and grooves in unison to Matthias ‘Wauxl’ Pfaller’s pure rocker vocals reminding me in many places of the late, but still great Bon Scott. Listening to the material, it’s easy to see what all the fuss was about Mass, who put out 8 albums of energetic and highly catchy hard rock metal covering fast rockers, headbangers, and rock n roll anthems[…]Just check out the massive groove on ‘Back To The Music’ with Clemens Matejka’s pumping organ now taking it to nuclear levels (not to mention those teenage dreams!) on the singalong chorus that’s simply too irresistible to not join in especially when Hannes Heid hits home with his totally rock out solo!…”